“Photography is like the music I play…I create an every day realism that is raw, a score to orchestrate beautiful, colorful sounds that draw the attention of my audience.” Steve Di Monte

I was inspired by a close friend that had been struggling – emotionally, mentally and with her physical body image. Over time, I used photography to inspire, motivate and encourage my friend to strive and overcome her struggles and fears. Over a 3 year period, she transformed herself and became a fitness instructor, model, and an inspiration for other women.  Seeing her progression through photography was part of the healing process and she still today reflects on those photos.

I realized then that I wanted to reach out to other women, using photography to allow a woman to break out of her boundaries, to feel free, be creative and just have fun.  I wanted to give new life to how a woman feels within her soul when she sees the final product. The most common phrase I hear is, “I don’t look good in photos.”   This motivates me even more to show that person how beautiful she is and have her see herself for the beauty she is.

The power of photography can be used as a tool for many purposes. My purpose as a photographer is to be a part of your journey no matter where you are at this moment, to create a connection that will help others understand, gravitate and relate to you and your mission.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and told yourself how beautiful you are?  How long has it been since you dressed up in a beautiful dress, did your hair and makeup, and went out feeling confident, content and free?

IMAGINE…Create an image of yourself as the confident and self-assured person you aspire to become. When you are this person, how will you feel? How will others perceive you? What does your body language look like? How will you talk? See these clearly in your mind’s eye, with your eyes closed. Feel the feelings; experience being and seeing things from that person’s perspective.

I enjoy seeing transformation in the people that I meet.  It’s one of the reasons I love being a photographer – to transform how someone looks at life, and at themselves by having them step out of their comfort zone, pose for the camera, and create an image of themselves they’ve never seen before. The experience can be life changing, especially when I see the results, big or small, in many people’s lives.

Change Your Life Photography is about capturing and showcasing people in their raw form – showing what they are all about, telling a story that will reach out to others, making a connection to people who see my work of others, and having people want to be take that step out of their comfort zone, being inspired and uplifted within the soul. This is true for businesses as it is for people – I love to capture and showcase your love and compassion for what you do and how you want your audience to see the beauty and true value of your products.